Saturday, March 29, 2014

How is my Autoload payment information doing? I have no idea!

So one of the current ongoing issues is the fact that when I was issued a new credit card (when my old one expired), PRESTO tells me when it is too late to update my information. This is still unresolved.

In the interest of playing the game PRESTO's way, I decide to go check my other cards to make sure the date on my credit card is updated. What does this look like?

Step One: Log In.
Step Two: Choose "Manage your Autoload Now"
Step Three: Select "Update Payment Information"
Step Four: Click "Next" to "Modify Autoload Information Online"
Step Five: [wait! I want to check my card info to make sure it is already up to date? There's no info about my Credit Card! what happens if I proceed? will it mess up my Presto Card for 24 hours and then I need to tap? Gulp!] Fill out card information and click "Register Payment Details"
Step Six: After entering my card info and registering I get a thank you message. I still have no idea if I updated my old card expiry date, or if I just needlessly re-entered the same info already on record. 

The only reason I am exploring this procedure is because PRESTO, despite having your card info (through a third party, sure, that's just great), does not notify you of the need to renew. In contrast, Paypal will give you advance warning that your card is about to expire. 

A PRESTO supervisor tried to blame me for not thinking of PRESTO when I got my new credit card in the mail. And tried to pass the blame again my asking me if I knew that PRESTO uses a third party to administer the credit card info. "It's all on our web site" she said. Where else are customers  expected to research to know how the behind the scenes workings of an organization are set up? 

All I want is to be able to access my account in a way that makes having an online account a useful thing to have.

I did get this e-mail confirmation a few minutes after updating the form. So I guess I should call to ask what I did?:
Congratulations, your request to modify the Autoload contract associated with the PRESTO Card has been successfully processed. The contract ID number is xxxxxxxxx_xxx.Please take note of the contract number in your records, or keep this letter for future reference should you need to contact the PRESTO Call Centre for inquiries regarding this contract.
PRESTO is committed to providing you with the best customer experience possible. If you have any questions or comments, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please visit us at or call our toll free number at 1-8-PRESTO-123 (1-877-378-6123).Thank you for choosing PRESTO.Sincerely,The PRESTO Team
"The best customer experience possible" - hmmm. Not working.

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