Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lost in Transit

So, remember when I told you about my daughter losing her Presto card? 

And the web site being down as I tried to report it lost or stolen? (I did finally get it done around midnight) 

There's a new thing.

I want to transfer the remaining money on her card to another of my four Presto cards. Site won't let me. 

I call to get PRESTO to do it for me. 

They say they can't since the cards were all registered separately. They tell me I need to buy a new card and then I can get the money transferred onto it. 

But I don't want to replace the card, I explain, I just want to move my money.

Told I couldn't do that, I could be a hacker. 

I replied with "should I be concerned about PRESTO security?" 

According to Presto, the only way is to buy a new $6 card I don't want. 

So - so despite having the log in, password and security question, the card number, and my credit card billing info, I can't access the money unless I spend $6 to buy a Presto card...

Is it just me?

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