Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What, what, WHAT?

Transaction History. Designed to be unintelligible? I think so.

 Let's drill in here: March 1, 7:36am (bottom of chart).

Autoload (e-Purse Load Value) $20, $20, $20.  Why would the autoload load $20 three times? Yet the next column doesn't show that much added. What to do?

Call PRESTO! The very nice woman I spoke with was at first as confused as I (who wouldn't be, I suppose) - until she surmised that only one of the transactions went through ($20).

I haven't got time to write too much about this other than the ask the eternal question: WHY????

Why do transactions that didn't work show up in the transaction history at all? And if they do, shouldn't it indicate that it was a failed transaction (and I don't even know why it would have failed the first two times)

And here I thought I might run out of material for the blog...

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